The topics of the URBANIA21 Infrastructure and Mobility Expo as follows:

Smart Settlements   Smart City programs  Synergy of planning and regional development  Eco-efficient private and public transport  Energy optimized travels  Real-time information systems  Mobile applications  P+R systems  Accessibility in transport  Smarter maps

Quality Networks   Clean Transport  Eco-efficient road and rail construction  Green flights  Latest metro, tram and bus service development   Cost efficient maintenance and reconstruction   Public space lighting  Green fuel station   Public transport signal systems

Sustainable Services  Optimized settlement operation  Management systems for road and rail traffic  Innovative water and waste management  Clean and renewable energy plants  Smart Grid  Digital networks and communication  Infrastructure clouds  Intelligent energy supply and distributions   Operation management systems for rail and road traffic

Advanced Vehicles  Green and new generation vehicles  Advanced models of truck and bus industries  Safety and fuel efficiency  Advenced fuels and lubricants  Automotive and electronics manufacturing   Innovative suppliers  Sustainable automobile dealers   Fuel-efficient, safe and quiet tyres

Green Buildings  Intelligent planning systems  Cost efficient and innovative building materials   Block flat constructions   Climate friendly offices and public buildings  Fire and electronic safety  New energy management systems  Green house, passive house, hybrid house  Building automation Sustainable real estate development  Building information modelling

Intelligent Systems  Integrated network registry  Traffic control systems  Geo-informatics solutions  Electronic registrations  Smart parking systems  Advanced city video surveillance  Green logistics and distribution  ITS programs  Electronic toll collection systems

Horizontal Aspects  Investments and trade opportunities  EU development programs 2014-2020  Best practices of industry and governance  Education, R&D and Innovation  Central and South East European dimensions